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  1. Grindr was a safe space for gay men. Its HIV status leak betrayed us
  2. HIV-Positive Sex and Dating How Will My Sex Life Change After HIV? - them.
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A UVL allows the immune system to operate to its optimum, not only improving overall well-being but also preventing acute and other serious illnesses. Undetectable viral load is game-changing news for both poz and neg guys.

Grindr was a safe space for gay men. Its HIV status leak betrayed us

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We know today that the best thing you can do for your health if you do have HIV is to diagnose it as early as possible, so you can get connected to care fast and make decisions about treatment. If you have condomless sex, even occasionally, talk to your doctor or HIV test counselor about whether PrEP is a good option for you.

HIV-Positive Sex and Dating How Will My Sex Life Change After HIV? - them.

PrEP works best when other strategies, like undetectable viral load or condoms, are in the mix. Talk about HIV status, sexual health, and strategies with your sex partners. HIV status can change. Talking about your status is better than guessing or making assumptions. You might choose to also use condoms , or decide whether to top or bottom , as ways of lowering the chances of HIV. Some guys entering a relationships will go get tested together before making a decision about condoms or making a relationship agreement. These feelings may, for example, lead somebody to stop using condoms before being certain of HIV status.

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However, some couples or sex partners may choose to go get tested together to be sure that they are HIV-negative before choosing not to use condoms with each other. Check out our section on testing to learn more about this. Want help remembering to take your meds or to get tested?

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Sign up for free text message reminders. Why might guys not know that they have HIV? That is the biggest sting about this news.

Gay men thought that Grindr was a safe space, where we were free to be ourselves away from judging eyes. It felt for us and by us, a place where we could be comfortable and understood.

For HIV-negative guys

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CDC: Start Talking. Stop HIV.: Never Stop

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